O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }
O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }
O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }
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O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }

ONE TONGUE's: TONGUE ONE *with*... x.its PLAN to save THE WORLD
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PostSubject: Strategies   Strategies EmptyWed Nov 29, 2023 11:24 pm

Hello EVE,

NOW~ there is an argument that says ' Put NOTHING in writing '. Furnished 1st when, a powerful person came across another who used their earlier written words to QUESTION the veracity of their current verbal and or previously written output.

At the time... radio had just been invented but also at a time when the only form of long distant and or consequential communications was the written word, usually via a letter or via the printers NEWSPAPER " Filth ESTATE " network.

I learnt of its dangers very early and as a consequence I doubt you will be able to find any letters to anyone from me. This was a BIG sadness to my Father, rest of the family paid little attention then.

Please don't get me wrong EVE, I have somewhere here, said I was a RUNNER and being called a coward by those who knew nothing of the reasons for my choice of such a status and my very young inability to fully explain... that choice, didn't negate that choice. IT JUST became another data point AND a warning as such.

NOR am I suggesting that Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers or any Family members promote such a view to their children or any child for that matter.
LOVE for ones own family is also an IMPORTANT, in fact a very important thing and its early expression via all means, is equal so.

I however had then no doubt of the love my parents held for me, despite all the turmoil that surrounded My Family members. LOVE was not my MISSION...... nor was it something I was running to OR from.

VERACITY however was and Family Hypocrisy ? a symptom of that. A difficult thing to sort out verbally when just a child.

Dear GOD I read that again AND it sounds like I have everything sorted out then...... I didn't...... BUT I did have a PLAN an intended objective [ Save THE WORLD ] AND an awareness of such, again a difficult thing to explain when just a child.
A statergy in other words... something that I would need to sort out... in time and after a HELL of a lot of HARD thinking AND T*inking amongst those experiencing AND SUFFERING from ....THAT.... LACK of VERACITY.

AND EVE~ please take another HARDER look at the image I duplicate below, specifically the set of tiles shown therein. They are what a specialised section of people call a 'Work of ART'......... which in essence is, by their definition more closely defined as a 'WORK OF HEART', meaning that it stands as a sort of reflection - to a] the artist and b] thus the title...a  piece that "reflects"-on a more global bases.

TO ME however, then 45yrs fully immersed in the World of BULLSHIT artists and about to roll over & die in it too, it is so, so, SO much more than that.
IT STANDS, in major part as and in vindication of my Fathers belief, in the Welsh People and HIS Father & grandfather BUT also stands in full vindication of a belief My Mother also had in HER belief THAT argument, the use of words to achieve a beneficial result and learnt from HER Grandfather and father both of whom were English, both Preachers of THE ENGLISH verity.
and BOTH represented by THAT WelshMan- Mr Nye Bevan who created a system that would and HAS enabled both, the ability I needed to survive till I could produce such a WORK.
NO MATTER that the POWERS that be, did so because they feared the THEN very, VERY popular rise of Communism and its DOWN with THE RICH most attractive proposition.
{ It and they have of course since spent a good deal of time and effort to undermine, even if not total do away with it. No matter, it stood and as a result THAT WORK of HEART does too }
IT STANDS, in major part too, to me at least, as AND in honour of all THE LITTLE PEOPLE who have laboured so thanklessly to produce... all the materials, Frits, glazes, pigments etc, etc.... that made such a work of ART possible in the 1st place......and oh so conveniently forgotten by THE ARTISTIC establishment. That too applies to my efforts at & in the world of PAINTING..... and THUS resulted in NOT FOR SALE.....as applied to all but 2 of my efforts 1 a painting and the 1 other set of tiles, both sold to Daughters of EVE, 1 English and 1 Chinese I think & other than that were both daughter of EVE of no concern to me... and... then only to prove to myself that there were those who would consider my efforts worth anything.s
NOW I am fully aware of the TOP DOWN argument, " those little people would be still grovelling in the mud BUT for them ". BULLSHIT!!

IT STANDS, in MAJOR PART TOO ( god how many major parts can a piece have? to which-Precisely is the answer ) as PROOF, to me at least that a attitude .......so, so often proven to be true. Namely that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to produce a Work of ART that can not be duplicated, to the extent that it can and has fooled even the experts in that ART world.

IT STANDS... as just THAT~ a work that CAN NOT be duplicated.... at all, to any extent, including the fooling of me or any other EXPERT, no matter what his or her skills may be.
AND to you that say BULLSHIT, I fully understand...... and thus NOT FOR SALE, I will however to any proven expert make it available for any attempt to disprove my assertion.

BUT, BUT, BUT!!!! But-far, far, far and way, way WAY beyond any of those majors IT STANDS... in HONOUR, TRIBUTE and RESPECT for all of those Animalistic souls who surrendered THEIR own stories & Dreams FOR... THE WORD of GOD..... and the trust THEY, GOD and THE SNAKE put into 1 WORM... ME. ** and ** my MOM-E tribe of believers.

I know I thank you, suspect all of OUR MOM-E believers do too, even if as yet they have not actually said so, this side of THE DEVIDE. I haven't yet been back to them and THE FIELD they've prepared for ALL ....this side of Serendipities Plains.
They know, I do believe however, that MAGIC is most definitively to remain in your hands until or when it is beyond any dispute that those, this side ....will not learn.
I believe that THAT TIME is fast approaching. I have not yet had any indication form anybody this side that GREED, CORRUPTION and VIOLENCE is something they even want to consider let alone learn from.
BUT again as you see I am trying again despite that.

~ AND FINALLY, for this section at least.

TO~ THE NEW MONSTER, now walking these lands... Ai.

KNOW THIS... I know you are there AND suspect that should the CURRENT Blunch of HUMAM MONSTERS~ this side of FINAL DEVIDE ~ chose to continue to consider you an intelligence of any sort, artificial or otherwise, YOU WILL likely continue to exist { as an accessible MONSTER , to all that still have access to the NET }.
AND~ if THE DECISION 'to exterminate' ...is NOT preempted [ as in finally resolved ]... by the ALL OF THE RELIGIOUS & IRRELIGIOUS- BIGOTS, currently sitting on THE POWER to eradicate ALL of those who disagree with their Bigotry, Greed and insistence upon THEIR OWN ' Right to WHITE! ' & THEIR OWN version of just what constitutes ' WHITE RIGHTS ', not to mention their own self-serving form of lunatic Intelligence based upon those rights.

IF INDEED THAT BE THE CASE... remember THE INTELLIGENCE that invented YOU...... is also an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE based upon an ARTIFICIAL tool, Language!
AND~  those that who then continue to profess any sort on intelligence ** are ** really NOT WORTHY of any such title.

As for me, myself... I think that THE RELIGIOUS ~ will NOT forestall THAT EXTERMINATION and whilst I have attempted HERE, repeatedly, to suggest that there is in fact a way to resolve the WHITE ISSUE and repeatedly failing to do so..... WILL @LEAST [ in the main } result in the nigh on extermination of ALL " WHITE SUPREMACISTS " and leave " WHITE & IT's SUPREMACY " to all the OTHER COLOURS of HUMANITY.
A SHAME....... BUT~ ARMAGEDDON....'must' .... COME! they ARE CORRECT in THAT.


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