O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }
O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }
O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }
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O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }

ONE TONGUE's: TONGUE ONE *with*... x.its PLAN to save THE WORLD
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 *i* want IT for free.
 *U* want IT FREE ?
 & YOU *will* see IT free... in *mY* Life time ?
 *i* want NO DOUBT about it
 *U* want NO DOUBT about it
 *YOU-WILL* use DOUBT ! to make absolutely sure ..of it
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PostSubject: *OTHER FUCKERS   *OTHER FUCKERS EmptySun Sep 02, 2018 9:44 am

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*OTHER FUCKERS Me-in-ed-too-front-piece
Hello *YOU*,

NOW~ *i* am NOT (any longer HERE or on the link to *me in ED Too* forum) assuming that my use of FOUL LANGUAGE has not gone unnoticed NOR that both *U* and Google (& *i* see now Bing too) can OR will from this point on CLAIM 'good concern'......for any of their actions leading to the banning, blacklisting and or taking down of this attempt TO LOOK VERY,


at their part in *THAT FOUL LANGUAGE* Conundrum .

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*momE* SAID ! i O i Too

*momE* SAID ! i O i Too

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PostSubject: Re: *OTHER FUCKERS   *OTHER FUCKERS EmptySun Sep 02, 2018 11:46 am

Whistle DIXY! as our hanky YANKY *jerk off* cousins......do say.

** OR **

(must say mYBOY those stars- when you understand them) well .......

Not until the COWs come home as my friend has just said !
Would *I* be correct in saying that that be YOUR point.... NO FUCKING HOME to come back to, at least not any HOME that hasn't already had a whole lot of FUCKING BULLs..... who HAVE already SHAT upon both it and everybody else living there?

IF SO~ I'm really beginning to see Y_ *U* love cats so much. NO ARTIFICE with THEM! AND~ RIGHT TO as WELL as RIGHTs to... use of claws....... not only an accepted clause BUT~ ALSO CLAUSE no-one in their right minds would even EVER....consider changing.
*** EVEN THOSE ARSEHOLES THAT *have* sought to find out just how many ways there are to skin ONE.

OH~ *u* haven't said just where *u* got that

'RATchet feeding spanners'

image from... assuming *U* have a reason for that.
SEE... getting to put *U* a little closer... to the MAGNIFYING LENS... T*INK *I*.

OH~ got another screen shot for YOU.


from your 1-MOM.net web site. Bit a mess *WE* T*INK... but... maybe on purpose too ?

OH! been having a right chin wag with my friend regarding Google.

Consensus... being that *U* ARE INDEED absolutely correct.... even if 75% of viewers .... to your site are by friends THAT STILL leaves a lot of Souls WHO HAVE (just as WE have) SEEN that GOOGLE BOT @the bottom of your WHo's on line section AND~ EVEN THEY (are just as we are computer idiots) KNOW~ that GOOGLE HAS~ programmers and programs set up just for that sort of thing~ SWEAR WORDS as well as attitudes.... even slippery ones.

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Admin / io RE-search
Admin / io RE-search

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PostSubject: Re: *OTHER FUCKERS   *OTHER FUCKERS EmptyMon Sep 03, 2018 7:56 am


Whistle DIXy... indeed,

Getting a bit worried though, for as ApeE Shite has just said (he collored me at the shop) He is now frightened of posting AND TELLING ME HERE that they've killed people for a lot less than I've just said.

I said nothing to him there other than that I KNOW THAT & to in fact say so HERE... that be the point...... OF FREE !..... & THE NET !... & GOOGLE KNOWS... THAT!
Don't know if he will do so..... now that he knows too..... that I DO THINK OF HIM... as a WHITE ENGLISH .....pussy.

Wether Google will PICK UP on this....... not sure as yet.

For whilst they do IN FACT know it, THEY TOO see that FREE! bandied all over THE NET TOO ...
and BUT~ mostly by those who want IT~ Google that is... DARK! ... ***AND*** more concerned about anonymity & their right to sell... whatever SHIT they want.
*OTHER FUCKERS Sing-10a-copy-e1531502401330

AS FOR D*rest of you living in and around where i do.... FUCK OFF! .........{ & yes *I* know there are those ... that think they know me & Y.
T*ink again if you'd be so kind}

HERE ... let me be more explicit.... FUCK OFF

IF *I* wanted to be Jesus or even GOD and / or THE DEVIL & thought that that would cut any ice.....I would be doing so and saying so... on a soap box @speakers Corner.

AND~ BY THE WAY~ THEY~ KNOW *I* do not & WILL NOT... speak for them.
I ALSO KNOW ~ that should any of you persist in actually wanting any of THEM to UP~ and SO FACE~ THEY would *JUST*... DROP >>> D*BOMB.
FOR they do, like *I* do.... T*INK... HUMANITY.. *IS* just one BIG... Greedy, nasty, horrible excuse for a species, more interested, when interested> in some sort OF FUCKING HERO doing IT for them than actually DOING IT... for themselves..... AND MOM E(earth)
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