O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }
O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }
O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }
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O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }

ONE TONGUE's: TONGUE ONE *with*... x.its PLAN to save THE WORLD
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 mY sLOG *and* ITs Source

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 There *is* a reason...for my existence ?
 There *is* a reason for your existence ?
 *i* Do know *WE* always boils down to....*I*?
 *i* Do KNOW *YOU* is a naferious way avoiding *U*?
 *u* have clicked on this forum for a reason ?
 *you* WILL know that reason... one day ?
 *YOU* can think AND have no option BUT TO T*ink as well....for others AND Mothers?
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mY sLOG *and* ITs Source Empty
PostSubject: mY sLOG *and* ITs Source   mY sLOG *and* ITs Source EmptyMon Aug 27, 2018 2:30 pm


It "Source *i* mean *is*, I believe, the same for EVER LIVING thing on this Planet..... MomE(earth).

NOW PLEASE~ Do not apply Gaia or any other Singular name to HER, for to do so *IS* to limit and a Horrible attempt to bring HER *DOWN* to a Human lever, which ALL connected now know equates to nothing less than a Vicious, nasty, greedy and indifferent parasitic Virus of the WORST possible sort.

mY sLOG *and* ITs Source TOME-4-torque

AS FOR mY particular take on mY particular point of introduction to both HER and HER wishes AND Fears.......

mY sLOG *and* ITs Source MOMs-Lines-HELLO-e1504117434998

mY sLOG *and* ITs Source MOMs-lines-Toes-e1535434210544

mY sLOG *and* ITs Source MOMs-Lines-Nose-e1535435028214

mY sLOG *and* ITs Source MOMs-Linesshivered-e1535435094246

mY sLOG *and* ITs Source Pages-MOMs-ALL-Dstars

?????????????                            ???????????????????                                          ?????????????????

As for mY more recent arrival into this Human world, IT STARTED in mY Human Mothers Womb when *i* 1st awoke to *get out, get out, GET OUT...... it's time for *U* mY son; to tackle - this Horrible, parasitical, GREEDY and indifferent Nightmare called Humanity.

mY sLOG *and* ITs Source Forum-Chair-1.... Basketball ......mY sLOG *and* ITs Source Screen-Shot-2018-08-11-at-20.07.06-e1535356879226.... farao .....mY sLOG *and* ITs Source Forum-Chair-e1498217019582

AND @THAT POINT in time (1953), @place- Lusaka, in country Now call Zambia, to a collective that had only those who had traveled (as My Father Had to a WAR in Europe) and a Radio with locals and locals Newspaper for Source to anything going on in the world 'with in my case' up until 1960 or so (when the Local Black population started to get out of Their Trees & Bloody about it) No idea of just how nasty, horrible , greedy and parasitical MAN WAS.

BUT~ Did have as said Both a Mother and Father WHO DID...and also as said in previous posts DID go about preparing mE for IT. The *X (vexed)* part *i* needed to figure out for myself, something *i* believe they knew too

mY sLOG *and* ITs Source C-men-B1-e1525762799715

Now please let me be more specific. The 1st 6/7 years of a childs life is usually a very protective one and to a small degree so was mine then. However, as said the Black African locals did not until the 60's start to get bloody and mine as a result had little but don't do X because *u* will hurt yourself. Resulting again in me being both able and freely allowed to play with those living in my immediate neighbourhood WHICH since it was some distance away from THE BIG BAD CITY boiled down to about 20 White families, of which there were only about 4 that had children in and around my age.
PLUS MY FAMILIES SERVANT with 2 boys and 1 girl, WHO lived in a 1 shack Hovel at the bottom of the Property_ which by all other local standards WAS A PALACE in comparison AND CAUSE FOR ENVY since it also came with a paying job, allowing for AMBITION to have some (albeit small) affect. The point being that to me a young child - a child was a child and it was not until after 2 years of both playing with AND going to eat "with" them @that shack ( Their food~ PUP{crushed maize} and when available flying ants and skinned snake ) did Their Father pull my ears POINTEDLY aside AND SAY!
" *U* see them {my children} THEY ARE BLACK.... *U* White, THEY POOR... *U* RICH//// That the Race Issue started to infiltrate mY perception of THE REALITY *i* was both in and would need to both deal with and {{{ get-out-GET-OUT-GET-OUT, mY SON}}} hopefully resolve one day.

NOW~ Before *i* continue; THERE IS TODAY (29-08=2018) A HARD WAY to both see and resolve THAT ISSUE .
*AND For *U* that have to date bothered to read between my D*lines IT *IS* mY other **** me-in ED TOO-Forum ***

BUT~ Those numbers have been small AND whilst to a large extent the opening Image SAYS IT ALL ~ It is only *to a large extent*.

SO HERE *I* will attempt to make it as clear as *i* can

mY sLOG *and* ITs Source Me-in-ed-too-front-piece


SO~ just to be absolutely FAIR!

TO: all of the generations of SOULS that both lived before the 60's and of adult age in and around the 60s~ * mE * in Ed TOO~ is not something new~ they, YOU_that is, DID have those who grappled with THE HUMAN CONUNDRUM & DID in the main DO SO *with* GOOD HEARTS.
SO~ this is not an attempt to exploit any lack of effort on your behalf BUT~ rather an attempt to RECONCILE D* Y.... ALL of *EARTH* was, did and still *IS* suffering under.

THE~ Method I'm both using and suggesting DID NOT become available until the late 60's and early 70's & even then, not to any but the RICH and those who SAW an opportunity to exploit it....... Namely Computers AND THE NET.

~~~ ( as an interesting aside (*i* T*ink) by the those WHO SAW~ that the ability to communicate Electronically AND over great distances virtually instantaneously, WOULD ALLOW for the THE WAR between MAN and MAN to be won _ BEFORE it could even get to raise ITs ugly HEAD.
THE FACT that IT hasn't and also DOES now~ still fail to do so ........ with the resultant~ FUCK Y ~ just make me rich. IS NOT DOWN to the Military BUT AN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM~ That supports and Blatantly endorses a *DON'T talk to ME unless you are RICH!... attitude*

A Subjective *i* KNOW~ BUT not one that's unprovable nor one that does not shows itself ....DAILLY... throughout .... THAT NET !

study study study study study farao farao farao farao farao bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

Before all of YOU *JUMP-




NOT mE NOT ME~~~ Let *mE* attempt to be EVEN MORE~Precise.

TODAY~ THERE are only 2 ways to tackle any PERSONAL DESIRE~ for the exclusive use of something. 1~ via a fully accepted argument



That fact that it has always been that way-led to GOD which led to DEVIL which led Philosophy which led to prophetic Prophets which led to Kings which led to The Military which led to politicians which led to Laws which led to Lawyers .....
**AND**~ IT *is* ONLY, BY THE USE OF RICHES that *YOU* or *u* and *i* can get THEM to argue~ any defence.
**AND**~ ONLY THEN *if* they are NOT SEEN to be put out ....by either loss of standing/position.... and or..... INCOME.



**AND** will..... if *i* OR *u* continue to allow it, equate to * I AGREE TO THOSE TERMS *}}}

NONE OF YOU ACTUALLY DO OF COURSE~ Since THEY (Lawyers) base argument is ARGUMENT *AND-THEY*... have been very vocal about IT~ ..........actually................Being THE FINAL SOLUTION of whatever X happens to be.

I *AM*.... LOOKING TOO ...*to FIGHT* ~ BUT NOT ~ WITH-out.... YOU !
AND NOT without 1st FINDING~ Proof that *FIGHT* ....*is* a subjective WORD-*and* THAT *all of YOU*.... KNOW *it*TO BE SUCH


ON A MORE *people* LEVEL~:
BUT BECAUSE *i* want IT to be used EXCULSIVEly  one way and ONLY ONE WAY.[

mY sLOG *and* ITs Source Trice-Turnd-Tsing-

SO~ What is it *i* want ?

Well to understand THAT~ YOU and *u* MUST understand AND underSTAND *with* full acceptance THAT~ There are those who are already attempting to SAVE THE WORLD BUT *are* currently doing so do by using *BLOG* as their medium rather than sLOG *** AND repeat AND *i* DO NOT WANT THEM TO STOP DOING SO

RATHER~ *i* want 'sLOG'~ EXCLUSIVELY "to be used- as *i* do here, FOR NOW AND *add-INFINITUM *~ Argument being that NO ONE *of them* can or should be allowed to get away with THE LIE ~  THEY ARE TRYING>>>> TO SELL something.

*i* AM NOT !

mY sLOG *and* ITs Source Main-Frame-MOMs1-e1506851023227
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mY sLOG *and* ITs Source
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