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 Hello *U*~ Boxes, Boxes, Boxes So many Goddamed Boxes

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PostSubject: Hello *U*~ Boxes, Boxes, Boxes So many Goddamed Boxes   Fri Apr 20, 2018 11:51 am

NOW~ I am , as both you & *u* can patently see…..tempted to contest *IT*;
 Even though I know D*numbers [ 8 Billion or so ] make a personal one to one appeal, even @1 sec per person......... Impossible.

Now that the Internet exists however,...... That Imponderable, wears a different face and any sort of *appeal*, as a consequence, has, does and should ( i think ) shift to 1st
Taking a good look @IT....making the appeal *AND* i don't mean, decide whether or not *u* like *it's~face*.

BUT~ Whether or not *it* will / does stand upon *a Written ROCK*. AND~ most importantly, an *it* that also provides a *Hammer~&~ automatic Rights* with which...... to temper *it*.
Those *Rights* will / should NOT include the right to ignore.... any attempt.... to 'temper-it'. Given that that, as it should be, be an outright denial of 8 billion or so Souls, insistent upon doing their own T*inking *AND* persistently insistent upon using their own..... Voice.

OR TO BE MORE PRECISE~ " given the 8 billion or so Souls fully insistent and persistently *stood* upon THE RIGHT to do it's own T*inking *** & acknowledged - AS SO***, it is indeed very difficult to *see*......any *it*..... Blind to the *need- To embody* communities WITHIN  a systematic system, currently Hierarchical. 
*AND ALSO* currently (2017) voraciously *AND* viciously......in contention.


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PostSubject: X's, X's, X's So many Dam X's   Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:41 am

X ITs, X ITs, X ITs......SO MANY DAM EXITS......
Just Were the hell do you T*ink you are all going to ....

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PostSubject: Re: Hello *U*~ Boxes, Boxes, Boxes So many Goddamed Boxes   Tue May 01, 2018 9:34 am

TWILIGHTS~ Shrinking  *screeching* Horizons

Now 1 of the most difficult things to do, is Speak as you would write & I've yet to come across anyone that hasn't 1st memorised or been absolutely informed in His/Her subject that can fluently do so.

IT *is* To mY mind~ THE MOST IMPORTANT Reason for having a Forum AND even more so the more difficult the Subject matter.
Not only does it allow for both the Verbal and written to be both seen and heard but also allows, when allowed to, offer the opportunity~ to add & or correct oneself. 

...........{ b-IG assumption *i* KNOW~ & ~ only true IF HISTORY *is* seen as *the* MOST valuable of *all* TOOLs. *** AND *** 
........... THAT * EVERYONE *.... knows *iT-tOO* }

THAT *all* of you want those that take up the RESPONSIBLE position of dealing with *OUR* most difficult issues *IS-NOT* at all clear or held to be beyond doubt. Specifically amongst those that currently fear THE BACK TRACKING of their Ideas and actions.

SO~ it is for both those reasons that I PUT *mE* Down HERE. 
For *i* think I've said already somewhere here, that ** IT *is* NOT COMPLICATED, Complex even very, VERY complex TRUE.
BUT~ It's the differences between those 2 that allow for THE SLIPPERY *Arseholes* to get away with whatever nasty and or Profitable schemes... they have.
AND~ any of those; FEAR (quite rightly) having to do so 1st, before and or at all.

Basketball bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

SO~ Below *i* have done both AND hoping to anticipate the following of the above done so on a video that is 22minutes long. the 1st 4minutes being *mE* the rest a piece of music to listen to whilst... con-sidering.... con, etc, etc.


Hello again to all of you  MORONs.

NOW~ I have written the last chapter in D*- PLAN~ (mine only at present true) But this is not the time or place for it.

NOT because you morons are not up to it yet. I am 99 % sure that you are. BUT~ it is *as yet* that is the operative words in that PLUS the 1 % of uncertainty
THAT Really, really REALLY does need a very, very, VERY specific & Particular set of Long trained and So called Well educated Individuals.

AND NO~ I’m also not *as yet*, ready to name that very, very, VERY Specific and `particular set.

I have made this video because I seem to have some sort of genius for Pissing People off and it has nearly cost me my life on more than just a few occasions AND THE FACT that they did not actually kill me did and does not go unnoticed bY mE. I am and do assume that the actual reason for not doing so was their hope that I would learn from that fact, which I am now hoping they will see that I have indeed done so, and in consequence understand mY HERE Hesitancy HERE as well.

SO parts of it will appear on and off- but not the whole until I have set up Forum number 2, so please be both understanding and patient for now.
FOR~I DO SEE RED FLAGS IN EVERY TREE including this Support forums 1.
NOW~ Please I’m not going to apologies for it , this whole effort is NOT ABOUT Apologies from either myself OR any of *U* individuals, and believe mE *i* would really, really like to call all of you a B*lunch of BLOODY Stupids.

BUT~ The truth is, as I’ve said already on the forum *is*~MY~OBJECTIVE… MY Problem, My issue …&  MY FAILURE too.
That *IS NOT* just a mantra, It *is* a lesson *i* a very  loving son learnt every time *i* saw MY MOTHERS Grimace at all THE SHIT that come out of mY childish Arse.

If you want to see that as some sort of backhanded apology, please do, for in essence it means i can not blame you for my failure.


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PostSubject: Re: Hello *U*~ Boxes, Boxes, Boxes So many Goddamed Boxes   Tue May 01, 2018 10:16 am

Hello again MOM E
Now *i* AM *UP* against PUTTING~ all viewers heads; To *endless repetition*.
~ The following however, is of such magnitude and such Importance that *IT* can only have 1 heading; D*1st & Foremost of all FUNDAMENTALS ~& *WILL* need to be so repeated ~ “ Until fully understood and *acknowledged-by ‘all’ * & not only out of mouths or upon tongues BUT~ also in a BLACK & WHITE (all other colours too) HISTORICAL~Written Form BY TODAYS greedy *AND*….. miserable gits.

NO MAGIC ! ~ *Absolutely NO MAGIC*~ NO Dreams, Holy, Devilish,  or otherwise, NO~ Meeting upon road to Damascus, Rome, Washington or anywhere else for that matter.
ONE *and* only 1 exception~ MOTHERS *LOVE* For new born babies AND Then only around 1 BOOK~ Kiplings JUNGLE BOOK~full stop. 
NOT the mutilated version put to film by Monied Heads, greedy for the power to abuse the young, although to be fair, some of the songs do and should resonate. 
THE ANIMALS *are* NOT our Enemy~ *wE-are*

SO~ Before I illuminate where *i* and all this *is* coming from ( ‘all’ of you too of course ) AND WHY.
 I shall propose that it takes the following form, 
                                                        more or less as *i* do here, 
                                                                                                                                  expressed Personally and Individually 
                                                                           @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@                by each of *U*.
TOWARDS D*certainty of its opening Declaration, I’m currently working on organising *for* the 2nd MOST Important B*lunch of Supporters~needed to make D*PLAN one that will be accepted.

SO~*i* just 1 old, miserable, friendless git of a long, long WHITE~Celtic/ European line and patently also a fucking failure DO KNOW 
& Acknowledge Beyond any shadow of doubt, 
                                                                  (&even if only to me)
                                                                                                                                            that magic *is* Real, very, very VERY real.
                   I know too that it does also:
 have a CHAIR 
                                                                 AND... a MOTHER that *sits* in it too.
AND~ Pledge~ ‘all’ actions including words *WIIL=BE* to the furtherance of HER *HEALTH* HER *Wishes* & HER *LOVE*

I know too that SHE is really, really REALLY hoping and praying that mY miserable, old, friendless Tongue , just 1 of HERs will *actually be, both able AND ALLOWED to come up with 1 question that *WILL*… result in all of us FAILED FUCKERS  sitting the FUCK DOWN and SHOVING **  1 WORD~ so far up our rear ends that it *WILL* burst though all humans….mendacious Minds. **

That word NOT Cogitate, NOT Think, NOT T*ink, NOT T*ank, NOT THANK…..

BUT~ QUORUM ! & explained & understood by & in every MOTHERs MOTHER TONGUE.

AND NO! I’m not going to put that question up here *just yet*


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APE *Es* Shite


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PostSubject: Re: Hello *U*~ Boxes, Boxes, Boxes So many Goddamed Boxes   Tue May 01, 2018 12:00 pm

‘uck me Lloyd, you sure are walking the edge, no wonder you were nearly killed, even I’m pissed off at your tone.
When I saw your 1st pole~ I thought Stupid. Who the hell wants to defend those that swear, let alone discuss or contemplate the RIGHTS of this that do… Bonkers thought I and by the way so did Frank.

But I am beginning to see your point, still Fucking risky though.

Anyway, thought I’d better chip in here as a result of your just posted video. just saying you know.

Hey, Flank and me are t*inking as *U* say and Think why don't you post Vat outa HELL, you know that song that Yanky blowhard made. Think he's over 60, maybe He would like to come and defend THE RIGHTs to Insist that ALL Media Defend HIS rights to Pollute everyones ears. Might be a bad choice since He has never tried to sell the rest of us on Dat 60/70/80s I so loving all of you, please buy my music and make me rich SHITE.

Frank wants me to open a membership here for him, says he's sorry for nearly getting you killed.
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*momE* SAID ! i O i Too


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PostSubject: Re: Hello *U*~ Boxes, Boxes, Boxes So many Goddamed Boxes   Tue May 01, 2018 2:15 pm

hello again my boy, T*anks for the heads up.

My friend and *i* have just been reading and watching your latest post & Video.
Interesting *i* Thought but she says She has never heard nor seen such a bitter tongue, she actually used bitter 3 times much like *U* do.
Personally *i* am not so sure, *i* think that there may be a Mother or 2 out there that could put even *u* to task over that but as *i* said to Her, *i* suspect *U* know that.

Are *u* far from setting up the other forums, in particular The Mothers One, Both she and *i* are now chomping at the bit, so to speak ?

Lots of xxxxx


just read Ape *Es* Shite’s comments
He’s right boy even *I* can see the virulence dripping from your site. Lots of Very powerful people will no doubt also be able to see now BUT~ Your challenge to THEIR Balls *is* as you say, 1 I’m beginning to really like.

Watch out, watch out : There's a MOM 'E'... about

AND~ Yes wE had a right *OLD* argument about using
BUT~ HE agreed to let mine be bigger (as it should)
AND~ *i* agreed that ITs sentiments were perfect

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Admin / io RE-search

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PostSubject: Re: Hello *U*~ Boxes, Boxes, Boxes So many Goddamed Boxes   Tue May 01, 2018 2:30 pm

No he's not right MOM E,
*i* AM NOT challenging THEIR BALLs, The days of challenge and even playing with others BALLs are long gone, Screaming @THEIR Chicken *wit* Heads ........OH YES.

Can't see why they should get upset though, Other than that THEIR PERSONAL Claims to Power & Fame is their remarkable FAMILIARITY.... with Curiosity.
THAT could well Piss Them off BUT~ you know what they say *uck EM* I nearly dead anyway.
SO~ whatever THEY do... they had better do quick. MOM~ Doesn't REALLY REALLY DOES NOT Like... the way They are leading HER HOME !

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Admin / io RE-search

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PostSubject: Re: Hello *U*~ Boxes, Boxes, Boxes So many Goddamed Boxes   Wed May 02, 2018 7:32 am

Hello APE & Flank too,

VAT outta HELL ?

There just might be hope for *u* after all > BUT~ *i* bet *u* didn’t even see it or have *u* learnt to lOOk when *u* read as well.
IF So~  Hope! Definitively gone up a notch.

BUT / AND *U* are right that THAT~particular song *is* EXACTLY The right 1 for both here and ITs Efforts. So I’ve gone & screen recorded an actual version of it…. AND~ Worked IT….. To (in mY mind) helping make sure that ITs *POINT* (to mY mind) Is both put to UP *&* Examined for the SHIT,
 neither They or anyone else….. still..... don’t give a SITH ABOUT

BUT~ HISTORY~ Needs to see ITs x, SO…………..

AND~ Meat Loaf BEFORE *U* get out of your FUCKING TREE:

~ Make sure *U* bring THE RED FLAG, none of that WHITE FLAG Shit.

~Has NOT spent ‘all’ those GODdammed Years hoping that THE DEAL struck Between GOD & DEVIL would produce a B*LUNCH of White FLAG Specialists & OR Followers.

Capiche !


HELLO~ just seen that the vimeo video does not show here to visitors. SO~ Whilst Issue still *in* ISSUE. If you want to see, and *i* do suggest that *U* do, I have it on mY ME ADMIN WEBSITE~ OINK ~ www.oiomom.com

DAM~ now it won't play there either. OH WELL~ I'll continue to work on that. Stay tuned~ IT DOES SPEAK *in* Volumes


As for Flank becoming a member here, ABSOLUTELY NOT I’m still not sure how *u* got through , T*ought as I’ve said that *u* were THE APE from Forumotions support Forum, or perhaps ITs (French) GODfather or his Shadow the (French) Gorgon posing as a Gorilla AND would of kicked *u* out had *i* not needed the Help….. *u* have so far so kindly provided.

Both of you are what, 57 & 58, so still Idiots and not ready for MORON Status. So tell HIM to come back in 3 / 4 years.
He will be allowed to join the Other Forum though AND VERY WELCOME TOO.
{{{ BUT If He gets into any of His *apology* SHIT~ I WILL Stamp on HIM. I’ve already said I & THIS EFFORT *is-NOT* about apologies. }}}

As for your ‘walking the edge’ I AM NOT ( & *u* really aught to take up Owe-a-tree’s Visually expressive and TIGHTest form of T*inking)
I AM * TORQUING THAT EDGE * Hoping to shove BIG Heads, SICK Heads & WANNA Be Both heads right over the *ucking Edge, *just-to see* If their promise to FLY…….. on your & mY Behalf…… *is* more than just HISTORICAL BULLSHIT.


Towards THAT=END. *i* 1st tried to upload the above video to YOU-Tube, BUT got a **U** don’t own IT email.


Due to a copyright claim, your YouTube video has been blocked. This means that your video can no longer be played on YouTube.

Video title: VAT outta HELL
Copyrighted content: Bat Out Of Hell
Claimed by: SME

Why this can & DOES happen

Your video might contain copyrighted content.
Copyright owners can choose to block YouTube videos that contain their content.
Need copyright-safe songs?
When choosing music for your next video, you can avoid copyright-related issues by picking a song from the YouTube Audio Library. We're adding new tracks all the time!
- The YouTube Team.

elephant elephant elephant elephant elephant elephant elephant elephant elephant

SO had to join Vimeo to get an Embed link Cost £12 (10+vat) & Monthly TO BOOT
BUT~ They too have a section promising all sorts of HELL. Despite Having originally screen recording IT off a VEVO Promoted SITE( Who it seems have been around for awhile now AND without problems of that sort.

About Us
eMP3 Downloads is a free, fast and powerful way to provide access to millions of music files freely available on internet. Here you can Search, Play, Share and Download Music Albums & MP3 files, we also have a big database of Music Artists.

SO~ some idea about the MEANING of TORQUE, (applying Pressure, usually via a Spanner or some such thing)

*** JUST WHO D*HELL~ DOES OWN THE RIGHTs~~~~ To *sing*…. On *mY* Behalf ***

AND~ THAT *is* WaaaHAT Meat LOAF *is* suggesting that HE & HIS *are* DOING, is it not ?

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PostSubject: Re: Hello *U*~ Boxes, Boxes, Boxes So many Goddamed Boxes   Thu Aug 30, 2018 9:44 am


Hello YOU,

Now there *will* always be MINDs THAT *will*:

approach,,,,, every thought, wether posted to net or not, via the short way from Z through Y to X, rather than spend the effort of starting at A through B, C, D etc.

AnD AFTER Admin, & *we* (Styx FLY and OH) his 2 sidekicks, are done~ NOT because they are lazy, stupid and or just plain DUM....

BUT~ because ALL of HUMANITY *does-NOW!* have THE PAST to point to & SAY~ LOOK what was achieved by those arseholes...... who did so. BY conveniently ignoring THE COST of course.....hopefully an aside THE REST *will* ALWAYS ADD...... THE< Admins, mine and OHs > intent.

BUT THAT *is* dependent upon ALL OF YOU ARSEHOLES who have  to-date been taught @THE *Worship ME* institutions you currently call schools, collages and universities AND teachers of course WHO no longer fear that Y *will-lead* to the questioning of their MORAL acceptance *and* Persistence .....in passing on.....that *worship ME* STANDING.

PLUS~ each *U* who of course who have to date, rack'd mY numbers UP- including that *ucking anonymous Google BOT . PRE-assumming ...that despite the use of so many FOUL WORDS...it is due, in no little regard to, the FINAL realisation THAT~ For Humanity .... there really, REALLY *is*.... NOW~ ...


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PostSubject: Re: Hello *U*~ Boxes, Boxes, Boxes So many Goddamed Boxes   

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Hello *U*~ Boxes, Boxes, Boxes So many Goddamed Boxes
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