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I am currently exploring AND hoping the Forumotions Owner/s , Will see the sense of helping and allowing for the RE-structuring of It

O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }

momE's Intro's & x.its.tongues 2 step * Lance *
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 1's Opinion

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Admin / io RE-search

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PostSubject: 1's Opinion    Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:24 am

As any Moron worth it's age will tell *U*.

" From Birth Dot to *knot's-Spot*.....is an accumulation of experiences, Some *U* don't want to repeat, some *U* most definitively want repeated BUT~ 'all' Definitive @time of Spot's-Plot.
This section of this Forum has a special set of rules applied (testing them at the moment) 
BUT~ In essence;
Few want to be *absolutely* defined by any single instance of Cognition and most being so *Illuminated* want to make note of it, Some with just an OH ... followed by a F*mE, others with a desire to see THEIR OH... put to some sort of explorative test.
THIS *IS* the place for that.

I intend to have those so momentarily afflicted ...post HERE 1st. 
AND then wait for a day or so before posting to a Category or starting a new topic.

and have set Auto-pruning to 7 days for those topics here that receive no response.

I will endeavour to see that a 1 response *iS* given within that 7 days. BUT~ If none after that, or *u* yourself delete it, IT WILL be removed.

                                                                                      One's Opinion

I'm just one turds tongue taught to England.... SHOUT.
[ neither GOD, DEVIL or PLAN  with any OUT ]
Jesus call'd me brother, i myself>>>> TOLL !
Mother? Just one son, sat in BIG~ Shit hole.
Think ! She said, whilst still baby up on knee
~ Doubt not D'drive for 'Life's' Probity
~Nor your right to squalid-Equality.
Suffering? If you must, contempt.. of Stool
~BUT~ never gladly rear ends...White fool.
Shame them, when you can * with * Stupidity
~or blame you they will * for Porous~ PITY.
SEEK ! to value * each * voice. Liberate TRUST !
AND~ Virulently bait those tongues without **** MUST
Father ? Well He said ENGLANDs.... seat.... of PITY !
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*momE* SAID ! i O i Too


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PostSubject: Re: 1's Opinion    Fri Apr 27, 2018 8:05 am

hello again Lloyd,
you sure aren't making this easy on either of us are you my boy.

Oh I get why, or am beginning to, although I must say I despise those that use such foul language, i do see your point, just hope others will be as understanding.
Do you think you can tone it down a tad?

I also have a friend who has been watching with me and she is thinking on helping you too, but she does not have her own computer, will that be an issue?

I & she like now your site very much, very to the point we think.
I'm also interested in maybe using your imagery , can I and just how do go about it?

Lots of xxxxx
momE SAID !

Watch out, watch out : There's a MOM 'E'... about

AND~ Yes wE had a right *OLD* argument about using
BUT~ HE agreed to let mine be bigger (as it should)
AND~ *i* agreed that ITs sentiments were perfect

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Admin / io RE-search

Posts : 36
Join date : 2018-04-09
Age : 65
Location : London UK

PostSubject: Re: 1's Opinion    Fri Apr 27, 2018 3:27 pm

Hello MOM E,
Sorry about that but I've been trying to get some answers on just who can and who can not use what, mY forum related that is.

Anyway thank your friend for me and to tell the truth I\ve no idea....IP address and just who they belong to is another of those *UCKING Mystery areas.

As for the foul language Mom, I stand 4 square with *U* on that, BUT~ of all the long lines Man has travelled THAT *issue* has continued to persist~ *MUST* be a reason for that.
T*ink *i* know a good one~ but again, mE in full explanation mode... *is* NOT the purpose here, just yet.

As for use of imagery *u* and YOU are welcome, Although I would prefer it if that could FINALLY....

Rest  IPeace. too.

I will be making some more and I'm trying to figure out how best to make them available.
SOME of course I want to see used JUST as Avitars by mY members, but that is for later

Lots of love

OH YES~ and bY the bY if all of you will be so kind as to notice that on nigh on all 'ucking words' have a * before them. This is not just to suggest (as most automatically presume) the emotions associated BUT~ ALSO to show THAT AUTOMATIC PRESUMPTION, FOR ~ If you take the one used above AND mY intentions *U* will see that if *U* replace the * with  D instead it will be more apposite~ to that particular


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PostSubject: Re: 1's Opinion    

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1's Opinion
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