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 Race, Religion & *Other* R-Souls Non apologetic ......... Lances

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PostSubject: Race, Religion & *Other* R-Souls Non apologetic ......... Lances   Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:41 am

Someone, Somewhere  **** must ****
Someone, somewhere must I've heard ~ Up Stand ~ * WHITE *.
{ So why not you English born WHITE... by right }
Somewhen~ NOT politicians deference den,
BUT~ Gorge by George, Tongue ~deadliest Pen;
~Somehow~ Not a clout left in any doubt,
~with that * doubt * White, tight, english word.... OUT,
~about AND always ready to tackle
~any person whose Mother Tongue... cackles,
~or shackles *HER * God given right... to ask,
~or task... anyones Mighty mental flask.
Fully expecting...(as) by right... an answer
                                                  ** Which in English should prove Tongue... no Prancer. **
                           Opinion ! No tango, Tongue One, just one.
                                           Quango ? English Tongues wanting lick... round Bum.
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*momE* SAID ! i O i Too


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PostSubject: Re: Race, Religion & *Other* R-Souls Non apologetic ......... Lances   Tue Apr 24, 2018 9:39 am

[i]Hello to all of YOU.

Well, well, well what on earth have I let myself in for ?

But before I go on, in the interest of full transparency I must disclose that I did not register for this, the MORON who instigated this attempt to aim 'all' of us at one word * QUORUM *... DID !, (I do however like the way those pesky stars interfere with perceptions ).

Anyway HE was the one that invited me to stick my eyes with there *i*. so far up my rear end that NO ONE would be able to doubt that it, my *i* could and would break through my poor benighted head...

1 & ALL

]AND GIVE *Space*.... a what for..... TOO.

Oh he also asked me to let every Category see and consider my Signature . So *I* WILL[/size] !

Watch out, watch out : There's a MOM 'E'... about

AND~ Yes wE had a right *OLD* argument about using
BUT~ HE agreed to let mine be bigger (as it should)
AND~ *i* agreed that ITs sentiments were perfect

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Race, Religion & *Other* R-Souls Non apologetic ......... Lances
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