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 AND : *U* will see mE as one too ...

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PostSubject: AND : *U* will see mE as one too ...   Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:09 am

SO !
Well there are only 2 sets of Humans that will have any *actual* understanding of what I say here.

 Who 1st come across *you MORON ! * @ about the years of 10 to 14. AND~ just out..... of their MOM/DAD *Monkey TREE*

AND~ Those like me NOW, 
Who have had to wait for Adult HOODs *Moronic minds* to decide TO YELP! *and* HELP  those 1st coming across *you MORON ! *, Personally expressed.
~~Usually @ those 'with wide open ~ seeking minds',   
~~AND THINKing 'those @about 16-18 years olds, would be the closest to understanding that....

OF COURSE, Being a 'Moronic mind' is a Personal choice ( Or @least it should be )

BUT~ *i* feel sure that most, if not 'all' MOMs over the age of *Men? Oh, Pause* 
WILL ! Contribute RIGHT HERE...... 
TO *THIS MINDs* antipathy for those that DID & HAVE Forced *mE* to wait all these years.
{{ AND STILL *of course* retaining some sort of resemblance to 'Their own' ... THEN seeking 8-14 year old minds. ( and yes Girls ) *U* Do mature faster than the sorry, closet'd minds of *ALL-WANKERs* }}

SO ! Please let's re-CONSIDER... That 'SOURCED'..... attitude.

*** i feel, *i* believe, *i* know & understand Both DADs & MOMs ' Problems-MONKEY TREE conundrum ' ( what to do/say when young child questions  { " *u* MORON ! and other such imponderables " }
~~AND THINK as mY DAD did " Child WILL need to learn to deal & face an awful lot of 'Morons..
SO! Answer .... I don't know why others are so stupid son, but do know, *U* will have to learn to Fight OR RUN, very fast indeed. 

*I* chose RUN, when he set about the task of training me... to fight.
HIS~ re-SPONSE... To go out and buy me a set of spiked Running shoes.
AND~ Upon giving them to mE, 
ADDING " of course Son, *u* do know Don't *u* .....that Running is more than just moving your legs very fast ?
{ "tOOk mE awhile... to get that one." } 

mY Mother ? Well she had to do it another way, since Separation from mE (her 1st born son aged 8/9 or so) had happened.
She read me a BOOK~ and in as many ways and times wE had left~ Pointedly told mE What *i* was running TOwards !
** THE BOOK ? Kiplings JUNGLE BOOK. NOT the insipid version Disney has so horribly mutilated. 
BUT~ The one where reader should be in no doubt " tis 'Shere Khan'.... whose clause wE will 'all' have to face.

*** i feel, *i* Believe, *i* Know & underSTAND HER LOVE & Sorrow... @the path *i* would be running 
( For *i* heard too from HER " Slowly, slowly Catchy Monkey... mY SON )

*i* Believe, *i* Know She knew of mY unBOUNDED & UNdying LOVE for Her........ AND~ HER *momE's*.... PUSSIES.
BUT~ Am still not sure, even today, If She knew Her naming, Her 2 *Black & White* Siamese Cats ~ Tenzing & SuezZy Wong, 
would be something that would resonate...Whilst Slowly / Lowly Considering "all"  D*Monkeys, Kipling saw as Chattering FRIENDs to Mowgli's Slower/lower state.
{{ The 1st referring  to both 2nd man and Feat { Climbing the HIGHEST MOUNTAIN on this world}......and achieved on the year of mY Birth. }}
.... The significance of that might not be seen by those White People born in the age of easier WORLD travel (from around the 70's & 80's onwards ) but in essence She and *i* were both Born in Africa at a time when knowing anything about the rest of the World had very few opportunities. Next to nothing but a few newspaper and Radio, both expensive AND hard to come by, and *i* still had no idea of IT until the late 60's age 16 or so. }}
OH Yes; and of course had not the foggiest idea as to why those 2 nut cases, & those that followed them, would think that achievement *aught* to echo throughout WhiteMans GOD-damed *gits* TIME LINE.
AND~ Did not until much, much later clock that it was THE POWERS that be { 5th Estate } who did the thinking & T*inking on that matter.
AND~ until just recently did not realise THAT-THAT was the lesson mY MOTHER was hoping and Praying *i* would some day come to see as
THE BASE *LESSON*~ That That~WHITE man wanting to take on THE IMPOSSIBLE, has next to no chance of going anywhere without a 2nd nutcase
willing to...... risk 'all'... to make it so.
SO~ I have named the 2 Pussies who have lowered themselves DOWN to mY FRIEND-less State. TENsing and Mr A. Plomb.
Mr Plomb, in the Hope that ' Shere Khan '... would emulate Him, when wE finally meet.
AND TENsing, in Honour of mY MOTHER's Love for Kiplings MOTHER TONGUE & Prophetic.... WORDS

AND~ Because *i* Believe as *iS* said... * Owe a Tree (sic) is the Tightest Form of reasoned and Rational THOUGHT.
BUT~ Also because if you count the number of *silly-bells* in each line *i* next HERE append.... *U* will find 10.


                    What Family ?
What Family 'Torques' its own Kith and Kin
~into Black Holed wastes ... of 'RUBBISH !... Bin.
TRUE it seems, most prize the frown sided... slide
~DOWN~ into Pick and Pecks... Pedantic side.
BUT~ D'ride Purposefully set to hurt
is not what i thought stur'd Dear Mothers Skirt
The day Kith and Kin saw.., to Mothers Hand
Father,Her Lover, declare 'RING'... his Stand.
~ Kith and Kin there to witness... Lovers lore
~ and NOT... the endless rattle... of some war
~having Bitter Bite... of Snake... for its end
"and Kids... nothing but Score... or gore... to tend."
NOT TOO~ My intention.. Here.. up on Page.
" So ! To 'Rubbish! Bin, as must.. put I it's cage."
SING * The Declaration *... I it's just fruit
(crop'd from Comfort Cone... given... BirthDay suit)
EYE TOO.. The Wa wa TOLL and Blank sheet
kith and Kin DID, I think, consider... Feat
~ Whose ten little toes 'would' some day compose
~ round some sort of prose... something... for 'Ten Toes',
~kith and kins Tongue, kith and kins ONE; Choppy!
~ if family forgets : Reasons to Stroppy
~ START'D~ with Piggies 'Ten little Toes... Song,
~Pig in repose, Ten toes singing... along.
AND ENDs ? When there are no more Porkies..to shell.
* PIG on toes...Tongues wrap'd round walks.... BLOODY.... Bell. *
NOT TOO, My invention, then... @Birth age.
"Giggle and Tickles, (my then) sing along... stage.“
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AND : *U* will see mE as one too ...
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