O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }
I am currently exploring AND hoping the Forumotions Owner/s , Will see the sense of helping and allowing for the RE-structuring of It

O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }

momE's Intro's & x.its.tongues 2 step * Lance *
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 HELLO SUPPORT~ & any of *U* T*inking in & around ADMINS cal for a very specific B*lunch of supposes

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*momE* SAID ! i O i Too

*momE* SAID ! i O i Too

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PostSubject: HELLO SUPPORT~ & any of *U* T*inking in & around ADMINS cal for a very specific B*lunch of supposes   Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:03 pm


T*ought *i* would try do you what *u* do, bit tricky on practiced typing mind, but a sort of fun waY to remind mYself of mY own, as *U* say loving .....to HUNT & seek out.... years.

I see *u* have updated as promised mY Signature T*anks... looks perfect NOW.

After out little natter last night I got the impression that *U* are now terrified of even posting the most simplest of questions to the FORUMOTION SUPPORT site.

I too have been a little taken aback bY their aptitude for SLAMMING.
BUT~ *u* are talking to intelligent people AND they do know of the horrors Volunteers can bring to all sorts of desperate and lost souls. So continue to be gentle would *u*.
There are *i* see now a few who seem to be looking in here on a regular basis, so maybe 1 of them will take it up on your behalf.

I did think to do so mYself, but remember that a SILENT mom E... is what you asked for, here being the only exception, for now.

SO chin up...& T*anks for the reminder.

i o i TOO; SAID! mom

Watch out, watch out : There's a MOM 'E'... about

AND~ Yes wE had a right *OLD* argument about using
BUT~ HE agreed to let mine be bigger (as it should)
AND~ *i* agreed that ITs sentiments were perfect

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Admin / io RE-search
Admin / io RE-search

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PostSubject: Thanks MOM *e*.... BUT:   Wed Apr 25, 2018 5:58 pm


Please, please, please don't misinterpret that BUT~ Dearest one. It is right that *i* get extremely DOWN sometimes, this being one of them.

BUT~ *I* have tried to indicate as clearly as *i* can ~ mY OBJECTIVE.... mY FAILURE. It is NOT *just* a mantra but a cause and `stance ` @THE Very Bottom of mE & mY Soul.

*OURs TOO* is why *i* asked *U* to consider registering here AND~ besides the fact that I would like *U* to make that presence know here on all posts.... IT was and *IS* a vital, vital, vital, vital, VITAL part of D*PLAN that you & any other Birth giving MOMs willing to follow suit.... remain SILENT HERE.

THERE *are*~ Issues, Problems, Opinions, Silences and concepts ........ THAT *are* just Male related. AND D*wankers have spent a GOD-awful and very, very bloody time being very, very, very, very, VERY  BLOODY & INsistent about it.

*I* T*ink *i* understand your and their desire to instantly reach out... with empathy, BUT~ another reason for using those pesky stars, as *u* say, is that the OPERATIVE *WORD* in a sentence...can very often be missed or drowned out by the rest of it.
{{{ In that above one.... *i* Think *i* understand...... was & *IS* where THE ISSUE *IS*.

SO~ it is not that *i* wanting to / or aiming to exclude *u* or any other Female *YOU*. D*PLAN does call for 2 other forums and they are underway. 1 exclusively for BIRTH MOMs and *I*... alone.

The other again meant to be for both Males and FEMALES.... that *ARE* .....in their HUNTING and SEEKING period of life & mind. How that will operate... is very much dependent upon what *I* manage to ILLUMINATE~ HERE.


io RE-search.... DO *u* T*ink those wankers will ever make the RE- connection. Besides mE too being a Volunteer ?

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HELLO SUPPORT~ & any of *U* T*inking in & around ADMINS cal for a very specific B*lunch of supposes
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